Research update: peri-implant disease

Implant Dentistry Today rounds up the latest abstracts published on the subject of diseases affecting the peri-implant tissues.

Van Velzen FJ, Lang NP, Schulten EA, Ten Bruggenkate CM (2016)

Dental floss as a possible risk for the development of peri-implant disease: an observational study of 10 cases Clin Oral Implants Res 27(5):618-21

Aim To report on a possible relationship between the use of dental floss or superfloss and the development of peri-implantitis.

Materials and methods

Ten patients with progressive peri-implantitis with an intensive oral hygiene protocol, which consisted of extensive professional supra- and submucosal cleaning, and not responding to this therapy were scheduled for examination. Plaque and bleeding indices and probing depth measurements were assessed, and radiographic examination was performed every two years.


In all ten cases, remnants of dental floss Research update: peri-implant disease were found around the neck and coronal part of a dental implant. After careful removal of these floss remnants and implant cleansing, a significant improvement in the peri-implant conditions in nine of ten cases was noted. In one case, peri-implant probing depth decreased substantially. However, bleeding on probing was still present. In vitro testing yielded that the application of various types of dental floss on the exposed rough implant surfaces may easily lead to tearing of floss fibres. This may result in the deposition of floss remnants on rough implant surfaces, which, in turn, may lead to the development of plaque-related peri-implant inflammation and, subsequently, bone loss.


In case of exposed rough surfaces of the dental implant, the peri-implant conditions may be jeopardised by the application of dental floss, and hence, the utilisation of interproximal brushes or toothpicks may be preferred for daily home care practices.

Sérgio Diniz F, Carolina Castro M, Sergio Amaral A, Thais Ribeiral V, Bárbara Nascimento A, Luís…

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