Could a smile wish list open the door to more treatment opportunities?

Are you offering a smile wish list at your dental practice? Chris Barrow explains why every practice should be using it.

Chris Barrow believes that you should use the list as part of a new patient experience and also existing patients.

The smile wish list asks questions about feelings, opinions and also emotion-based questions.

A good list will ask:

  • The patient to give their existing smile a score out of 10
  • What would they realistically do to improve their smile
  • A series of questions about what they would like to change about their dental health or appearance.

Chris believes this, along with a discussion with a treatment coordinator, will therefore open the door to further treatment sales opportunities.

Smile wish list dos and don’ts

Separate the list from the patient medical history form to avoid any confusion.

The smile wish list with a new patient shouldn’t appear until the treatment coordinator has built up sufficient rapport with the patient.

Existing patients may question why they’re filling in the form.

Chris believes the answer to this is to say: ‘We like to give our patients the smile wish list once a year to check whether there has been any change in their personal circumstances that might lead to a conversation about treatment opportunities.’

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