Linda Greenwall dispels those teeth whitening myths

coconut oil for teeth whiteningLinda Greenwall asks what the difference between whitening and bleaching really is, and clarifies some teeth whitening myths using so-called natural methods.

Tooth whitening has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the most popular dental treatments for patients to undertake. The idea that your yellow teeth can be made whiter simply is appealing, for obvious reasons. Whiter teeth give a more youthful appearance and bring a healthy glow with them.

The question is always: how did these natural teeth become so yellow?

There are several reasons:


As we age, so do our teeth – the enamel gets thinner and the inside layer of dentine becomes thicker giving the appearance that the teeth are more yellow.


Certain food cause more yellowing of the teeth. One example is a diet that contains lots of fried food: the oil from the fried food causes a browning reaction in the teeth, which causes the teeth to become more yellow.


Did you know that drinking black tea causes more staining than coffee?


Antibiotics and other medication taken for infection, acne and chronic illnesses can cause deep discolouration inside the teeth. In particular, tetracycline and roaccutane taken for acne can cause grey discolouration of teeth.It may seem obvious to us but in order to keep the teeth white and clean, brushing them efficiently to remove the yellow plaque is essential.

How many of your patients have ever had a proper tooth brushing lesson so they know how to remove the daily build up of plaque from their teeth? The secret to efficient brushing is removing that yellow plaque. Plaque is the same colour as our natural teeth and so often this is difficult to see to remove. Effective…

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