Dental product reviews – Premier Air hygiene and diagnostic instruments

Premier Air in handPremier Air hygiene and diagnostic instruments from Premier Dental Products Company claim to offer better ergonomics, with less fatigue for users.

These innovative instruments combine comfortable, balanced, ergonomic handles with a non-slip grip that requires less pressure to maintain control – and that means less hand fatigue.

We’ve all heard the marketing, but do they really do what they say?

Three top doctors in London: Nik Sethi, Adyl Asani and Alfonso Rao, therefore put Premier Air through its paces.

Here they give their honest thoughts and feedback.

What are the Premier Air claims?

Some of the benefits Premier Dental Products Company claim its Premier Air instruments offer include:

  • The light-weight, comfortable and balanced ergonomic handle with non-slip grip requires less pressure to maintain control
  • Designed with rugged polymer handles and tested extensively to ensure a long working life
  • Made to the highest standards by master craftspeople in the USA
  • Hygiene instruments have precision tips made with 440A stainless steel and Smartsharp technology to keep edges sharp and well defined
  • Explorers have excellent tactile sensitivity and sharp points for easy detection of tooth texture and surface irregularities
  • Probes have recessed dark markings – easy-to-read and resistant to wear.

The results

The first question asked was ‘How did you find the handle?’ – with the results showing all of the dentists found it ‘very light’.

The handle grip is ergonomically designed to easily fit between fingers, consequently Nik said the handle provided ‘good traction’, with Alfonso and Adyl describing it as ‘great traction’.

All of the dentists also found the scaler tip, which uses materials that offer a long working life, was ‘very sharp’.

Overall, Adyl was ‘very satisfied’ with the balance and tactile sensitivity, with Nik and Alfonso feeling ‘satisfied’.

All of the dentists also felt they would recommend the probes to a colleague and would ‘possibly’ or ‘very likely’ start using Premier Air instruments in their day-to-day practice.

‘A nice probe,’ Nik Sethi summarised. ‘Nice to hold and I would certainly use it again.’

Premier Air instruments are available through the following dealers: Dental Sky, Henry Schein and Wrights.

For more information on Premier Air instruments, visit or call +610 239 6029.

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