Five powerful business reasons why collecting patient feedback matters

patient feedback five star reviewDon’t think patient feedback helps? Doctify explains how it can help grow your practice and save you money.

Not so long ago there was no way to reliably collect patient feedback. Now it’s easy thanks to the internet. More clinics than ever are collecting reviews from patients to help them develop their services and products, fill any gaps in the care they provide, and enhance the entire patient experience from start to finish.

Feedback is a proven way to improve patient satisfaction, letting people contribute to the quality of their own care and the care provided to others. As a clinic or surgery, it gives you invaluable insight into how to grow sustainably as a provider and a practice. Here are the top four reasons why forward-thinking medical professionals collect patient feedback.

1. Retaining patients costs less than attracting new ones

Patient retention and profits go hand in hand. Every marketer knows it costs less in time and money to keep an existing customer than it does to attract a new one. A strong focus on patient retention should help you boost your bottom line. Collecting patient feedback is an excellent tactic to employ to keep more patients for longer.

Your patients might be dropping off because they are finding it hard to book appointments with your practice. Or they may be interested in a treatment that another practice might offer. Being able to collect this information can help you figure out where you can help keep patients engaged with you.

2. Providing the information you need to improve the care you give

You can assume that all is well, but that means you risk missing out on valuable opportunities. It’s best to know for sure if there are any gaps or opportunities to handle along the patient journey. And it’s important to understand the patient experience from their perspective as well as your own.

  • Collecting patient feedback helps you to identify gaps in care
  • It supports measuring progress towards closing those gaps
  • Perfecting every step means you ultimately improve the patient experience for everyone.

It’s also about fulfilling patient expectations. Reviews and feedback influence people. These days people expect to be asked for reviews in all sorts of different circumstances. People also expect their feedback to directly contribute to decision making, and ultimately fulfil their expectations.

What are the kind of subjects patient reviews focus on to get a 360-degree view of your practice’s performance?

  • Appointment setting
  • Waiting times
  • The reception they experience
  • The doctor’s manner, thoroughness, communication skills, and professionalism
  • The advice given
  • The aftercare.

3. Managing your reputation and nurturing your brand

As Software Advice discovered in 2019, spending as little as 10 minutes a week dealing with feedback openly and publicly slashes the impact of negative reviews by up to 70%. At the same time, more patients than ever are resorting to the internet to choose the ideal healthcare provider. That means a great reputation is crucial to your ongoing success.

These days the search engine results and your web page are the first things patients see, and they drive people’s all-important first impressions. A list of positive reviews breeds trust while a string of negative reviews makes your clinic appear less than the best.

As you can imagine, patients appreciate it when they see you responding to reviews in person, revealing that you are available, accountable, and there to communicate with.

4. Finding ways to stand out against your competition

Patient feedback is incredibly important when it comes to seeing how you compare to other practices in your field. In a time where choices seem endless, patients are looking for a practice that tailors exactly to their needs and desires. Finding out what patients like about you and your practice can create selling points and characteristics that can encourage new patients to see why they should pick you for their next treatment or checkup.

5. Improving patient engagement to create value and build loyalty

When you ask someone for their opinion, they feel valued. It’s human nature. And that means they’re more engaged with the experience of being cared for. Interestingly, fully-engaged people tend to stay with the provider longer than those who are less engaged and involved, as well as enjoying better health outcomes.

It is never too late to collect patient reviews

Doctify provides a reliable, powerful opportunity to take control of your online reputation, drive better patient engagement and collect, share and manage patient feedback. As a result, you will improve overall patient satisfaction, retain more existing patients, and grow your business in a steady, sustainable way.

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