Avoiding social media pitfalls

social media profilesEric Easson advises how to navigate social media successfully when beginning your career.

Your social media profiles can be a useful tool when beginning your dental career.  Enabling you to communicate with other dental professionals, ensure that you have access to up-to-date healthcare information. Also allowing you to provide visitors to your page with information. However, at the start of your career, it is important to be aware of the implications of social media on your personal and professional reputation.

At the DDU, we regularly advise members, at all stages of their career, on how to appropriately address issues arising from their activity on social media. In response, we’ve developed an interactive e-learning module designed to help dental professionals maximise the benefits of using social media and appreciate its pitfalls, whilst meeting ethical and legal obligations.

Important issues to consider when using social media

1. Remain professional

Be aware of the potential for others to see your posts or comments. Consider how others may interpret what you post and that it isn’t considered unprofessional.

It may be tempting to use your social media profiles to let off steam about something that happened at work.  But you can never be sure that others will share your opinions and your comments can be taken out of context and misinterpreted. The GDC’s Guidance on using Social Media, states: ‘Many dental professionals use social media sites that are not accessible to the public to share and find information. However, many social media groups, even those set up for dental professionals, may still be accessible to members of public.’

An inappropriate photograph or even the groups you join could harm your reputation and damage…

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