Dentists’ pay rise, due in November, will be backdated to April

Dentists' pay rise announced for NovemberThe British Dental Association (BDA) has received confirmation that dentists in England will get a 2.42% uplift in November.

The government first announced dentists’ pay rise in July, earlier this year.

DHSC (Department of Health and Social Care) has confirmed the pay increase will be backdated to April 2019.

‘This much needed uplift should have been implemented in April,’ Eddie Crouch, chair of the BDA’s Review Body Evidence Committee, said.

‘Dentists will only receive this in November.

‘This long delay is pushing dentists to the edge.

‘We have written to DHSC and the chair of DDRB about our concerns.’

Dental pay rise

This is the first above-inflation dentists’ pay rise in England since 2005/06.

Hospital dentists will see a 2.5% uplift in basic pay, but with no increase in their clinical excellence awards.

The BDA believes dentists have seen a 30% drop in real-term wages in recent years.

‘Whilst this is the first time in a decade that dentists in England have had an uplift close to inflation levels,’ Mr Crouch continued.

‘It isn’t good enough after successive years of wholly inadequate uplifts, which were below inflation, making them pay cuts in real terms.

‘Awarding at least 2.5% for expenses would have helped to halt the long-term decline in recruitment and retention.

‘Ensuring NHS dentistry remains attractive to practitioners so the service we provide to the public can be sustainable.’

Dental charges

The government increased dental charges by 5% earlier this year, meaning a routine check-up now costs £22.70.

Net government expenditure in England on dental services has dropped by £550 million in real terms since 2010.

Over the same period, charges have increased by more than 30%.

‘Dental charges remain an important contribution to the overall cost of the NHS budget,’ a government spokesperson, said at the time.

‘We have taken the decision to uplift dental charges for those who can afford it, through a 5% increase this year.

‘This means the dental charge payable for a band one course of treatment will rise by £1.10 in 2019-20, from £21.60 to £22.70.

‘The dental charge for a band two course of treatment will increase by £3.00 in 2019-20, from £59.10 to £62.10.

‘The charge for a band three course of treatment will increase by £12.80 in 2019-20, from £256.50 to £269.30.’

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