State of Dentistry report – reasons to be optimistic about dentistry?

Happy dentist after state of dentistry reportEighty two per cent of dentists believe dentistry is a fulfilling career offering positive challenges.

That’s according to Dentally’s State of Dentistry 2019, which asked 125 dental practitioners for their thoughts on the profession.

Despite some negativity surrounding dentistry, the report highlights beacons of hope for those working in oral health.

‘The research is at least promising,’ Dr Jassim Gilam, principal dentist at London Road Dental Practice, said.

‘That so many people feel fulfilled by their work set against an onerous regulatory burden.’

Administrative burden

Eight out of 10 dentists feel like they face more pressure on their time at work than they did previously.

The report places the blame for this on the rising burden of regulations and paperwork.

More than half (58%) of practice owners feel they spend too much time on business administration.

‘Administration can and does stop you doing what you want to do, like moving the business forward or doing more clinical dentistry,’ Dr Paula Brennan, principal dentist at We Love Teeth, said.

‘Our extensive note taking/making is very time consuming.

‘(As is) making sure we have all the necessary paperwork signed, consent forms etc.’

Technology making life easier

Despite this, 82% of dental professionals say technology makes it easier to deliver quality care, the report shows.

For those embracing cloud-based technologies, 88% say it is making practice management easier.

‘Technology could play a huge part in reducing the burden,’ Dr Mide Ojo, principal dentist at Refresh Dental, said.

‘Any technology that helps increase patient consent and reduce administrative time will get my vote.’

Dentally commitment following State of Dentistry

Dentally is promising to reduce the burden of administration on dentists, following the results of the report.

The report shows 82% of practice owners believe it’s harder to make a good income out of dentistry than before.

And 75% are working more hours for the same income, while 61% feel dentistry is a less profitable profession.

‘Dentally is making a commitment to using its technology and innovation to help and support dentists over the coming 12 months,’ Nick Davies, co-founder, said.

‘We will continue to talk to customers as to the best ways of tackling the issues.

‘We will help reduce the burden of NHS admin, through a review of a number of areas including:

  • Additional reporting and data filtering options to improve target tracking
  • Further validation of claims to help increase the number that are accepted
  • Simplify the claims workflow.

‘Assist in reducing the general administrative burden. Development will include:

  • Increasing automation within our software
  • Automation of daily routine jobs
  • Introduction of internal messaging
  • More reporting
  • Patient communications automation and workflows
  • Payment links
  • Developing tasks lists.

‘These results highlight many challenges, but also offered genuine reasons for optimism.

‘One thing is clear: dentistry is changing.

‘Delivering high quality care for patients as well as improved morale among dentists relies on those within the industry adapting to these changes.’


To download the full white paper, State of Dentistry 2019, simply click here:

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