Inspiring and educating British children on oral health

In 2019, Colgate will have helped inspire and educate 1.65 million children through Colgate’s professional and schools oral health educational programmes.

This summer Colgate partnered with over 10,000 UK dental practices to help support parents in maintaining their children’s oral health.

The Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Futures programme provided patient samples and a range of materials designed to engage and educate over 1.1 million younger patients on the importance of good oral health.

Colgate practice packs contained a range of educational materials to engage your patients and their families.

Practices used these materials to create practice displays and get involved through external community based activities.

The new school year is now underway and Colgate is also supporting primary school teachers across the UK to integrate oral health education with their Key Stage 1 (KS1) students.

Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures is a global oral health initiative reaching more than one billion school children across 80 countries.

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