Corporate debate promises to stay friendly at London Dentistry Show

When is the right time to sell to a corporate? Is there ever a right time to do it – and does it depend on who you are, or what you want?

All these questions and more will be answered at the London Dentistry Show later this week, where business guru Chris Barrow will face off against Rahul Doshi, clinical director of Dentex, in a friendly debate about the future of dental practice.

The debate, arranged by Dentex, will offer a balanced discussion on what it really means (and takes) to sell successfully to a corporate body – and help delegates question whether selling is even the right decision for their personal circumstances.

Chris explained: ‘I may be playing devil’s advocate in this debate, but it’s important to underline that I’m not necessarily a proponent of not selling to a corporate.

‘What I am an advocate of is understanding whether it’s the right thing for you to do, and together we’ll be taking a hard look at how dentists can make an informed decision about that.’

Chris Barrow

A balanced, unvarnished view

The pair have pledged to try and offer the audience a balanced, unvarnished view of what selling to a corporate really entails – challenging some of the assumptions about corporate dentistry along the way.

Pitting Rahul, whose own career has been defined by running two tremendously successful private practices and who joined Dentex as a partner two years ago, against the outspoken champion of independent practice Chris, the debate wants to offer audiences food for thought. With two speakers whose reputation for honesty precedes them, the session – fittingly titled ‘Why you shouldn’t sell to a corporate’ – is sure to be the very opposite of a sales pitch.

Rahul explains his own stance: ‘For me, joining Dentex has been a wonderful experience. It’s re-energised me and given me a new challenge. We are growing, but we’re doing so by acquiring the right practices: other businesses that share our beliefs. We have to be right for each other because we’re planning to work with them for a long time.’

Rahul Doshi

‘Why you shouldn’t sell to a corporate – a debate hosted by Dentex’ will be held at 1pm on Saturday 14 September at the Corporate Update Theatre at the London Dentistry Show. Entry to the event is completely free, and comes with full access to the huge exhibition featuring hundreds of stands, and other lecture zones addressing every facet of modern dentistry.

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