Autograph Whitening bundles make add-on treatments easy

Complete the finishing touches to every treatment with Autograph Whitening from DB Orthodontics. Two aesthetic bundles, combining whitening and retention, are specially designed to make add-on treatment marketing a breeze.

The Retainer Bundle and Maintain Retainer Bundle are perfect for orthodontic patients. Both contain an Autograph tooth whitening kit in either 10 or 16% CP, whitening trays, and a removable retainer – all for an extremely competitive price.

For added retention, the Maintain Retainer features the dual retention system designed by consultant orthodontist, David Waring. Its clever design helps you say goodbye to retainer bonding headaches forever. The pre-shaped, ready-to-fit low profile lingual retainer, made with Straight 8 braided wire, is very easy to fit due to the transfer jig, which, when the retainer is bonded, becomes an additional removable retainer. As with all whitening products, both bundles are beautifully packaged and supported by a variety of marketing materials.

Autograph whitening is a premium brand of fast-acting whitening, designed for those who do not have time to whiten for longer than one hour, and is the perfect complement to orthodontic or restorative treatment. Available in a choice of 10% or 16% carbamide peroxide in four syringe patient packs, or two syringe top-up packs, the packaging is beautifully presented in a white gift box and stylish bag.

DB Orthodontics’ in-house laboratory, Studio 8, provides you with high quality upper and lower whitening trays, scalloped unless requested otherwise, and the choice of two retainer options.

Take your pick of two options:

The Retainer Bundle

  • Four 3ml syringes Autograph tooth whitening kit in 10 or 16% CP
  • Upper and lower whitening trays
  • Removable nightly-worn retainer
  • Carry case with mirror
  • Complementary whitening marketing material.

For dual retention, upgrade to the Maintain Bundle

Simply add to the Retainer Bundle the following products:

  • Pre-shaped, ready to fit low profile lingual retainer with Straight 8 braided wire
  • Easy to use transfer jig, which becomes an additional removable retainer
  • Retainer box
  • Complementary Maintain and whitening marketing material.

For those of you who are passionate about providing the full aesthetic treatment in a convenient, hassle-free way, the aesthetic bundles are a no-brainer. To add to this, the complementary marketing support available, including practice and digital marketing materials, look great in the waiting room. Choose from canvases, waiting room videos, leaflets, point of sale display stands and much more.

Get in touch with the Autograph team today on 01535 656 999, or email [email protected] to learn more. Our highly trained team are on hand to give you all the know-how and materials required for dream smiles and happy patients.

For more information on Autograph Whitening visit

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