What is the best ultrasonic scaler on the market? Easy…

Successful dental hygienist and instrumentation trainer, Mel Prebble, explains why there is only one ultrasonic scaler that she would trust to ensure the long-term health of her patients and her career.

The success of a dental hygienist and therapist is mainly dependent upon their ability to keep their patients happy. It’s important, then, to know what patients want from us as a profession and to make sure we can deliver it.

A key part of this is being able to communicate effectively so that patients understand what good oral hygiene is and how important it is for them to take ownership of their own oral health. Alongside this, it’s essential to give them a positive patient experience and to make sure that they can physically feel the benefit after each treatment. If we do that, they will keep coming back.

The positive patient experience element is made possible for me by Dentsply Sirona’s latest ultrasonic scaler, the Cavitron Touch, which I firmly believe is the best ultrasonic scaler on the market.

Why Cavitron is the best ultrasonic scaler

I was trained to use the Cavitron as part of my undergraduate training as a dental hygienist and after graduating, I adopted it as my go-to equipment. I find that I can achieve more predictable results using the Cavitron and this is due to its elliptical action, which makes the insert far more adaptable and less technique-sensitive than other ultrasonic systems. This gives more scope to move the instrument in order to debride or remove deposits. The wide range of inserts also delivers great versatility and precision, so I can use my Cavitron for everything.

Makes life easier

The main advances in the Touch are to do with making it easier to deliver treatment. The 360-degree swivel of the handpiece allows me to adapt the instrument into difficult areas, whilst maintaining an ideal ergonomic position.

The lightweight handpiece makes it comfortable to use and reduces the risk of repetitive strain, which is incredibly important in an instrument I use all day.

The wireless tap-on foot pedal is ingenious too, as I can tap it once, put my feet flat on the floor and enjoy two minutes of continuous flow in a comfortable position. Working ergonomically means I can deliver optimum care to my patients without any physical distractions.

Makes me more efficient

Innovative functions also make me more efficient, especially the power presets, which allow me to pre-programme power settings before treatment commences and then switch between them at the touch of a button. I can make a note of the power settings for a particular patient, so I can use them again in future treatments – an incredibly efficient way to work.

Using the Cavitron Touch means I can make sure that their time with me is a positive experience – delivering efficient treatment, keeping them comfortable and sending them away in the shortest time frame, feeling the positive results.

Investing in yourself

In my opinion, it’s never too early to start investing in yourself by purchasing the right equipment and an ultrasonic scaler should be top of the shopping list as the ‘work horse’ of a hygienist’s day.

The Cavitron brand endures because it stands for high quality and reliability. I’ve never regretted my investments in the Cavitron over my career and I have enjoyed many successful years with it as my ‘go-to’ instrument. That’s why – for me – it’s the best ultrasonic scaler on the market.

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