Consumer centricity, customer experience and future expectations

Shopping and consumer behaviourist Ken Hughes, investigates the concept of modern-day consumerism and how digital influences are shaping patient expectations and values, not just online but also in the real world – with immediacy, efficiency and hyper-personalisation

Ken Hughes is a consumer and shopper behaviourist and customer experience strategist.

At the Invisalign Growth Summit in Berlin earlier this year he had delegates laughing and crying during his presentation, and by popular demand will be the key note speaker, addressing UK dentists attending the Invisalign GP Forum on 14th September in London.

In advance of his appearance he spoke about the insights which he will be sharing with UK dentists at the Forum meeting.

‘I am going to talk about the importance of embedding a true customer experience in a business and aligning your business with the future values of our customers.

Focus on customer experience

‘I think the trends in healthcare are the same as the trends in society in general. Consumers today want things instantly. They want instant feedback on everything, so something like the Invisalign SmileView tool which gives them instant access to what their smile will look like is perfect.  They demand authenticity and genuine experiences.

‘They want to be able to share their experiences with their peer network. So we need to stop thinking about our clinic as a centre of our operation and realise that it is actually their world, their experience we need to rejig and not the other way round.

‘So we will be having a great conversation about how we can actually bring patients’ interest to life, now that we can excite and delight our patients beyond their expectations. If we do that, they share their stories about their experience with us on their networks and our brand gets brought to life outside the clinic and that’s what we need, we need them telling their stories bringing us new business instead of us trying to fight for new business every day.

I think one of the main reasons dentists need to become more digital is that we now live in a ‘phygital world’, a physical and a digital world that collided. So that the next generation they just demand digitalisation so technology is not just an add-on, it is a must have, it is a hygiene factor and that goes from everything that happens inside the clinic but also the social media piece the digitalisation, the waiting room, so we need to reach outside of the clinic again into their world, into a digital world.

Become digitally relevant

I think a lot of medical practitioners aren’t business people. They are excellent clinicians and they need to get the support of good marketing people. And the practitioners are saying “how do I do it I do it myself?”  No don’t do it yourself. There are marketing experts who are going to help you on social media, help you on digitalisation, help you digitalise your business, become digitally relevant.

If you cease to be relevant to your consumer, business is over, it is finished.  So we have to stay relevant and digitalisation is a big part of that. And obviously there are partners like Invisalign and iTero, to help you, but it is also creating the execution of your customer experience, your clinic staff, what you can do to bring stuff to life, digitally. I think it is important to embrace the new world as otherwise it is game over.”

To hear Ken Hughes keynote address, view the full GP forum agenda or for more information please contact your Invisalign Territory Manager.

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