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Jon Cowie talks about the advantages of reciprocating file systems over hand files.

As a specialist endodontist I work primarily in a referral practice, as well as being a part-time clinical instructor for the MSc in endodontics at King’s College, London. Along with my business partner, Luca Moranzoni, we run an endodontic training company, Contemporary Endodontics, which specialises in running hands-on endodontic education courses. We get to hear first-hand about the challenges general dental practitioners encounter along the way, especially when it comes to the transition from hand files to reciprocating systems such as Waveone Gold.

Making a change for the better

One of the primary advantages of a reciprocating file system is its usability. Rather than struggling from a size 10 to a 15 to a 20 hand file, the simplified rotary sequencing with the Waveone Gold Glider provides a nicely expanded glide path. Followed by the Waveone Gold Primary file this becomes a far more straightforward sequence, which significantly reduces the risk of transportation of the root canal, results in less canal preparation errors and allows for more consistent root filling.

Another advantage of a reciprocating file system is how few files are needed to complete treatment. With Waveone Gold, in the majority of cases, just three files are needed to complete treatment – a size 10 hand file, Waveone Gold Gilder and a Waveone Gold Primary file.

Quality is key

One of the most important things for me as a specialist endodontist is the quality of the endodontic instruments I use in daily practice. Talking to our delegates, some may try cheaper file systems but soon find they need to use more files to complete treatment. Using a single well-made instrument instead is considerably more cost-effective in the long run rather than if you have to continually discard inferior instruments that are unwinding or becoming fatigued more quickly.

Predictable results

Waveone Gold Glider makes treatment easier and more comfortable for the patient and GDPs. The results are more predictable and from a purist’s point of view I believe it respects the canal anatomy far better than hand files.

The Waveone Gold Glider has completed the Waveone Gold family. It’s a very simple file to use, very quick and what really sets it apart is its ability to be pre-bent, a real bonus especially on challenging access cases or where a patient has limited opening. It makes the transition to the Waveone Gold Primary files for canal shaping very smooth and straightforward. Waveone Gold has definitely become my file system of choice.

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