Achieving success in private dentistry

Ash Parmar introduces his course, perfect for dentists who want a successful career in private dentistry.

Learning content

This is a one-day course divided into two main parts.

Presentation one – communication, business and comprehensive assessment

The first part of the course is the non-clinical part with a detailed insight in to how to plan your private dentistry journey. Tips will be given on the art of communication and selling in an ethical, high integrity manner. The cornerstone for any successful practitioner is the ability to carry out a very detailed assessment, reach accurate diagnoses, and treatment plan precisely, so that the patient gets the best dental care suited to their needs and budget.

  • Ash’s story… the journey of Ash’s career development to the present time
  • Vision and goal setting – important to plan your career and future
  • The fundamentals of working in private practice – what is important to create success
  • An introduction to communication skills, ethical selling (high integrity, non-pressurised techniques) for increased case acceptance, and the DISC profile of personalities – understand the most effective and powerful ways of communicating with patients, relevant to each individual (based on their personality type)
  • Comprehensive dental assessment – how to do a detailed initial dental examination for the best diagnoses and treatment planning
  • Role of the treatment coordinator – getting help from your senior staff member to allow you to focus more on the dentistry
  • Diary system and block booking – an important concept to increase private slots in your diary and gradually cut down on NHS work
  • Professional fees – how to work out your private fees fairly and accurately.

Presentation two – clinical

This part of the course will give a comprehensive overview of clinical dentistry that can be carried out in private practice. It begins with minimally invasive clinical treatment options with tips on how to do it, leading to comprehensive and advanced dentistry involving wear and implants. Many clinical cases will be shown to help the dentist reflect which clinical path of dentistry they wish to pursue. There will be many clinical tips for dentists to use in their own practice.

  • General clinical tips to improve your standard of dentistry
  • Cosmetic contouring – minor reshaping of teeth edges to create the best smile
  • Teeth whitening – a comparison of the Zoom and Enlighten systems
  • Orthodontics in general practice – case studies showing Invisalign and 6 Month Smiles
  • Fibre/composite dentistry – innovative treatment solutions using composite and fibres. Examples will be shown of how to replace a single missing tooth, extract a loose tooth and resplint it back in place, periodontal splinting, and creating a custom fibre post
  • Composite veneers – step-by-step training on how to do them
  • Single discoloured/broken anterior tooth – a philosophical debate on doing a composite veneer versus a porcelain veneer
  • Smile makeovers – offering life-changing dentistry using porcelain restorations
  • Implant dentistry
  • Full mouth, wear case
  • Review of multiple Smile Makeover cases done at Smile Design By Ash.

The main objective of this course is to give a dentist that wants to do more private dentistry a very good insight in to how to go about doing that. There are many courses available and sometimes it becomes confusing where to start, or which course to do.

The main aims Ash had in creating this unique and inspirational course were:

  • Explain to dentists in a simple and clear way the most fundamental skills and strategies required for a successful private dentistry career
  • The importance of deciding what you want to do in dentistry, and for whom, ie deciding what you are most passionate about, and your ideal target audience of patients
  • Advice on the benefits of the two-hour comprehensive dental assessment that Ash does in his private practice, ie building trust and confidence in the dentist. The concept of codiscovery will be explained
  • Show a diverse range of clinical cases with a concept of doing things in the safest and best way for the patient using a minimally invasive approach. The goal is to create beautiful smiles suited to the individual, improving dental health and achieving long-lasting results
  • If you cannot satisfactorily treat a patient, the importance of referring them if they have more complex requirements, eg dental implants or full mouth wear cases (caused by attrition and erosion).

Course details

Venue: Smile Design By Ash, 6 Chigwell Rise, Chigwell, Essex, IG7 6AB

Dates: Saturday 28 September 2019

CPD: 6.5 hours verifiable CPD points

Course fee: £295

To book: Call Cheryl on 020 3963 5090 or via email at [email protected].

Quality assurance

As part of the GDC’s requirements related to CPD, it is advised that dentists do their due diligence in choosing CPD training courses that are relevant, and of a high quality. Ash has invested £1/4 million on his own CPD training over the last two decades, learning from the best dentists and dental business coaches in the world. His CV showing the courses and training he has undertaken can be downloaded as a PDF from his Academy website at

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