Dental degree offers the greatest choice in homeownership

dental degreeDental graduates have the greatest choice of property when getting on the housing ladder during their first year of work.

An expected starting salary of £34,480 would mean newly qualified dentists could get a mortgage up to £139,360.

Mortgage broker Trussle believes this would give them the option of buying a home in 172 towns across Britain.

‘After graduating from university, many students will be thinking about their next steps in terms of careers and where to live,’ Ishaan Malhi, founder and CEO of Trussle, said.

‘For those in a position to step onto the property ladder, it’s definitely worth considering the options.

‘Young professionals are becoming more resourceful as they realise the difficulties of buying a home.

‘People are recognising they can tackle affordability issues by buying with friends, while others consider shared ownership.

Top 10 subjects

Trussle has listed the degree subjects that offer the most and least choice of property locations across Britain.

The top 10 degree subjects offering the most choice include:

Subject Choice of location Value of home
1. Dentistry 172 £146,695
2. Chemical engineering 96 £133,996
3. Veterinary medicine 63 £123,048
4. Economics 57 £122,392
5. General engineering 57 £122,392
6. Mechanical engineering 52 £118,888
7. Aerospace engineering 46 £117,137
8. Civil engineering 44 £116,699
9. Electrical and electronic engineering 30 £111,225
10. Physics and astronomy 30 £110,787

However, these results depend on graduates having managed to save a 5% deposit for a house.

‘The sad reality is that most graduates will not earn enough in their first job to borrow enough for a mortgage to get onto the property ladder, let alone save for a deposit,’ Mr Malhi continues.

‘Young first-time buyers are simply being let down by the industry.

‘There are government-backed schemes available.

‘But more needs to be done to help this under-served group, such as considering salary projections when calculating affordability.’

Bottom of the list

Creative arts and design students came bottom of the list, with graduate salaries leaving them unable to afford a home.

The degrees offering the least choice in properties across Britain were:

Subject Choice of location Value of Homes
1. Creative arts and design 0 £63,933
2. Creative writing 1 £70,720
3. East and south Asian studies 2 £73,566
4. Drama, dance and cinematics 2 £75,537
5. Music 2 £75,975
6. Optometry, ophthalmology and orthoptics 2 £77,070
7. Media studies 2 £79,697
8. Psychology 2 £80,135
9. Hospitality, leisure, recreation and tourism 2 £81,011
10. Sports science 2 £81,406

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