Less stress, more dentistry

Versha Miyanger speaks to Rod Ingham about how Colosseum Dental enabled him to practise the dentistry he loved

If the day-to-day running of a dental practice is causing you unlimited stress and you’re unable to practise the dentistry you love, you may want to consider your options. That was the story for Rod Ingham.

Qualifying from Guy’s in 1978, he worked as an associate for a few years. With his wife also a practising dentist, they decided to purchase Hollybush Dental. However, when she decided to pursue orthodontics, it was left up to Rod to manage the practice.

He explained: ‘After 23 years of just me and two associates, it was just too stressful being a dentist and managing the practice full-time. I decided to sell the clinic and it became part of a large dental care chain that was acquired by Jacobs-backed Colosseum 18 months ago.’

Colosseum is one of the UK’s major providers of dentistry, with 80 local clinics and more than 750,000 NHS and private patients. Its ethos is to provide modern, quality dentistry services for the benefit of patients, dentists, employees and shareholders, and it aims to strive for continuous growth and excellence.

‘Trying to run everything and be a full-time dentist all got a bit too much for me,’ explained Rod. ‘Something had to go. Part of the deal when I sold the practice was to stay on as senior dentist.

‘Working with Colosseum has had a positive effect on both me and the staff. There’s a huge improvement in day-to-day practice. It has been a major change for the better.’

Seamless change

Rod explained that the changeover to Colosseum was seamless, straightforward and without any problems. ‘As far as my work has gone, there has been no change at all. However, I immediately noticed a change in attitude towards the practice. Colosseum is keen to provide quality dentistry – not just volume – and there is no pressure about turnover of patients.

Rod Ingham from Hollybush Dental says ‘Working with Colosseum has had a positive effect on both me and the staff’

In addition to these positive changes, the entire practice was refurbished. ‘Very little had been done to the practice for over 12 years,’ said Rod. ‘The equipment was old, tacky and unreliable; it was always breaking down and I was constantly calling out service engineers to fix things. Colosseum came and totally revamped the place.

‘I now have the latest equipment and the whole place looks cleaner, modern and smarter and more attractive.

‘So, when patients come in there is more of a professional and clinical feel to the practice, and much nicer to work in. It did mean closing down for three weeks, but in that time I worked at our sister practice in Crawley.’

In addition, Rod is keen to mention the added benefit of support and mentoring that is provided. ‘One thing Colosseum is passionate about is education and specialisation. There is a move to develop more implant skills and the introduction of a mentoring programme and training opportunities. The provision to better ourselves and the concept of constant learning means we are always on the top of our game.’

It is clear that the change has been a progressive one for Rod and Hollybush Dental. ‘It is a far healthier atmosphere for the staff. We have a better structure and great incentive schemes. Staff morale has gone up and we work so much more cohesively together. And what is great is that patients are noticing this. I enjoy the stress-free environment and I’m doing the job I love – it really has been a change for the better.’

For more information on how Colosseum can help your practice, visit www.colosseumdental.co.uk

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