Engage patients with 3shape Trios Treatment Simulator

Simulate treatments for both clear aligners and brackets. Connect with almost 50 orthodontic treatment providers.

Excite patients and advance treatment acceptance

Show your patients the envisioned results of their orthodontic treatment, and advance acceptance of their recommended treatment plans.

Patients can view their current dentition transform into a beautiful smile, on screen and in realistic colour.

Simulate the envisioned result of all orthodontic treatments

Engage patients in proposals for any orthodontic treatment, including brackets and clear aligners.

Send your Trios scan to any treatment provider

After the simulation, the Trios scan can be sent to any lab or treatment provider, as well as for production through in-house workflows.

Connect with almost 50 integrated orthodontic treatment providers, including Clearcorrect, and a growing list ofย Trios-ready orthodontic labs.

Contact us to find out more at [email protected] or visit https://utm.io/uguF.

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