US biomimetic expert to lead level 1 training classes

A biomimetic dentist from the US will share his skills and knowledge at two hands-on training seminars in London and Manchester this September

Dr Matt Nejad is a lead dentist at Helm Nejad Stanley Dentistry in Beverly Hills, which offers a full menu of cosmetic and general dental services.

He is renowned for his superior cosmetic treatments and expertise in biomimetic dentistry, which relies on minimally-invasive techniques to preserve natural tooth structures and deliver longer-term results when treating damaged teeth.

Dr Nejad will be teaching level 1 biomimetic dentistry training classes on the consecutive weekends of 14 & 15 September and 21 & 22 September at The Gherkin Building in London.

These two-day, hands-on courses – organised and hosted by Grant Schwartz Business Consulting – will cover the core science, techniques and materials of biomimetic dentistry; and focus on how this dental specialty uses a conservative, holistic treatment approach when restoring damaged teeth.

The emphasis will be on posterior restorations, though the principles are applicable everywhere.

Taking dental care to the next level

He said: ‘I am thrilled to expand my services and open the door for more opportunities to educate others about biomimetic dentistry.

This holistic approach can undoubtedly take restorative dental care to the next level.’

For more information or to register for Dr Nejad’s biomimetic courses, visit

Dr Nejad’s passion for teaching biomimetic dentistry techniques has also led him to launch a free biomimetic course website,

This online course in natural dental care includes high-resolution, info-packed videos to help people understand the drawbacks traditional drill and fill dentistry, and how biomimetic techniques offer a solution.

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