Instagram for Dentists

Shaz Memon, creative director at Digimax, is launching his new book – Instagram for Dentists.

The book helps to explain what dentists need to grow their personal or practice brands using Instagram.

It includes step by step guides covering issues such as:

  1. The type of Instagram account you should have
  2. How to brand your account
  3. How to make your account interesting
  4. Identifying your own voice
  5. Attracting new patients
  6. Growing your followers authentically
  7. How to hashtag
  8. Defining the type of patients you want
  9. Using the ‘influencer’ approach
  10. Using Instagram stories
  11. Using IGTV
  12. How to create the right images
  13. What and when to post.

‘We are inundated with enquiries from practices and associates looking for help on Instagram,’ Shaz Memon, author of the book, said.

‘We firmly believe that this cannot be fully outsourced to retain its authenticity and effectiveness.

‘Hence I created this book to help dentists, dental professionals and associates to make the absolute most of Instagram.’

Building your Instagram brand

Instagram for Dentists will be launched later this year, but is available now for pre order.

The book will help dentists confused over how to use Instagram to their advantage.

‘The book uses agency insider-information and influencer secrets to power Instagram growth,’ Mr Memon continues.

‘The book covers all the essential bits of information to really start building your Instagram brand.

‘Also, proceeds go to charity.’

To register for your copy, please visit

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