Demi Rose makes appearance at dental VIP evening ‘for the chosen few’

Digimax Dental, specialist website design company for dentists, hosted a glitzy VIP evening at Farzi Café in London recently.

Called ‘For the chosen few’, only 150 leaders in the dental profession were invited to the inaugural event.

The selection consisted of Digimax clients based in the south and some dental industry friends.

The idea behind the evening was to celebrate all of the hard work and success the professionals attending had achieved.

‘The idea of today, it started out with 15 of us just having a dinner to celebrate their support for Digimax, and I just got carried away,’ Shaz Memon, creative director at Digimax, said.

‘Today isn’t about me or my company, today is about celebrating you, all of the amazing things you’re doing.

‘Everyone invited tonight, has one thing in common, everybody here is doing something amazing and inspiring.

‘I look up to a lot of people here and I’m sure many other people do too.’

Demi Rose makes appearance

The event made the national media after Demi Rose, British model and social media influencer, made an appearance.

Posing for pictures with guests, Ms Rose featured in the Daily Mail as she made her way to the event.

There was a variety of tasty food for all those that attended along with mocktails named after Digimax.

The evening was a huge success on social media, both before and afterwards, with many attendees sharing pictures right from the moment they received their wax-sealed invitations.

‘I started my company when I was 18 years old,’ Mr Memon continued.

‘Success doesn’t happen overnight, all the glossy exterior of your Instagram accounts and smile galleries, I know what goes into it, the hard work, the compliance.

‘Well done for doing that and inspiring others.

‘I know social media can be all smoke and mirrors, but this room has a combined Instagram following of over nine million.’

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