The biofilm battle: new Colgate Total in action

Effective removal and control of the oral biofilm is key to preventing the most common oral conditions – caries and gum problems (Prasad et al, 2018).

New Colgate Total, now formulated with dual-zinc and arginine, enables improved delivery, penetration and retention of zinc – known for its antibacterial properties – in bacterial biofilm (Manus et al, 2018).

Laboratory studies demonstrate that the formulation with dual-zinc and arginine shows superior retention and deeper penetration of zinc in bacterial biofilms compared to untreated control and toothpaste containing dual-zinc only (Manus et al, 2018).

New Colgate Total with dual-zinc and arginine, effectively controls biofilm for whole mouth health* (Prasad et al, 2018)

New Colgate Total is clinically proven to reduce plaque (by 30.1%; p < 0.001) and gum problems (by 26.3%; p < 0.001) when compared to ordinary non-antibacterial fluoride toothpaste after six months (Delgado et al, 2018).


Help your patients achieve whole mouth health with new Colgate Total* (Prasad et al, 2018)

Discover more about the new Colgate Total formula at

† Mass spectrometry images of salivary in vitro 10-day biofilms treated once with toothpaste slurry and regrown overnight under constant artificial salivary flow (10ml/hr).

* Statistically significant greater reduction of cultivable bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums with Colgate Total versus non-antibacterial fluoride toothpaste at four weeks, 12 hours after brushing.


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