Does your capping composite have the ‘X factor’?

Dentsply Sirona explains why its capping composite has the X factor.

As the visible part of a direct restoration, the capping composite must have star quality. The restorative clinician must therefore find a material with dazzling aesthetics, which also has outstanding adaptation and handling to give the performance required.

Enter Ceram.x Spectra ST, a high-performing nano-ceramic, light-cured, radiopaque, universal composite, indicated for both direct and indirect restorations in anterior and posterior regions. It is based on Dentsply Sirona’s unique Spheretec filler technology, an advanced granulated filler technology which achieves a high filler load. A high filler load delivers great mechanical strength and reduces polymerisation shrinkage making it a reliable and long-lasting composite.

Exceptional handling

The almost perfectly round nanoparticles built from sub-micron barium glass particles held together by pre-polymerised resins give Ceram.x Spectra ST exceptional low-friction handling properties, enabling it to adapt easily to cavity surfaces and ensuring that no gaps are created. The composite has a high level of stability and excellent slump resistance so it will stay where it is placed, especially as it doesn’t stick to hand instruments. Its high sculptability makes it easier for the clinician to achieve a natural and functional shape with simple and targeted modelling.

Long-lasting restorations

Ceram.x Spectra ST has excellent flexural strength which makes it ideal for using even on posterior occlusal stress bearing restorations. It has a high fracture toughness which reduces the risk of cracking and exhibits low material loss in the occlusal contact areas. This strength means that it can reliably be used for restorations in any region of the mouth, which makes life beautifully simple for restorative clinicians.

Simple shade matching

Ceram.x Spectra ST’s distinct chameleon effect produces a precise and reliable shade match with one single translucency resulting in highly aesthetic restorations. The system uses a ‘Cloud shade’ concept, which is designed to achieve a close shade match for the full range of Vita shades but with only five universal Cloud shades of moderate translucency to choose from. For those used to working with Vita, a Smart Ishade label is provided to easily select which corresponding Cloud shade to use.

Fast and easy polishing

Once placed, Ceram.x Spectra ST can be polished quickly and easily with both silicon-based polishers and abrasive discs. The unique sub-micron particles within Ceram.x Spectra ST give superior aesthetics and wear resistance, leading to fast polishing and an outstanding gloss on the finished restoration.

Clinicians require a talented cast of materials when performing direct restorations. When it comes to finding the right capping composite, there’s no doubt which one has the X factor… Ceram.x Spectra ST, the multi-talented universal composite with stunning aesthetics and exceptional adaptation and handling.

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