Make sure you’re all up to date at the London Dentistry Show discusses compliance with Alex O’Neill and finds out what he will be lecturing on at the London Dentistry Show.

1. Why is compliance so important and why should practices reach out for help?

Alex O’Neill (AN): Compliance is at its core about meeting regulations and guidance. Two things that are constantly changing and an inspection is not just about being able to provide evidence that you comply, it’s about demonstrating that the people registered with the CQC both understand the regulations and have plans in place to deal with any gaps.

Also, the pace of change in compliance is now so fast that it would be practically impossible for a practice owner or manager to be aware of what they need to do if they didn’t have external help. We’re supporting around 2,500 practices at Code and need multiple team members and experts to stay on top of new developments. If people are trying to manage compliance without something like Icomply I can almost guarantee that they are spending far too much time on it or simply just aren’t compliant.

Finally, the consequences for not being compliant are serious and could affect practice goodwill. Local newspapers love stories of practices that fail inspections!

2. What does the future hold for dental compliance issues?

AN: Great question! On top of the normal fast pace of change mentioned above, we have Brexit on the horizon, which means potentially moving away from European regulations and could result in a rapid introduction of new legislation. We could end up with a lot of compliance changes in a very short time frame.

Also, a fact of life is that regulatory frameworks change. We had the outcomes, now we have the KLOEs and at some point in the future this will change again. A good compliance support service (like Icomply) should make this change feel painless.

3. You will be speaking at the London Dentistry Show – what will you be discussing?

AN: I’ll be giving two different presentations that are guaranteed to make audiences laugh about compliance whilst acquiring new knowledge. Drawing on my ongoing research into CQC inspection reports (over 2,500 analysed) and experience of auditing many practices, I’ll highlight the common mistakes people make and how to reduce these risks. I’ll also outline why practices fail to demonstrate that they are ‘well-led’, what this key line of enquiry really means and give practical tips that delegates can take back to their teams.

4. Why should people come to the show?

AN: The CQC’s increased focus on well led is identifying that some practices lack the leadership capacity or capability to stay on top of compliance. The show is essential training for registered managers and practice owners to increase their competence and make them capable compliance leaders.

This is a unique experience and we’re really excited to be doing our first two-day compliance theatre at the London Dentistry Show. As a specialist compliance support company (Code) with the most popular service (Icomply), we’ve used our knowledge of what people do well and where they fall down to handpick some of the best speakers supporting the profession. We’ll be discussing how to understand your team, how to get buy-in and how to be an effective leader, along with practical advice on compliance and HR management. It’s going to be a great two days!

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