New dental innovations ‘part of our DNA’

We caught up with Rune Fisker (picture left), vice president of product strategy at 3shape, to talk about all its exciting newly launched products at this year’s IDS in Cologne. What is the Trios 3 Basic?

Rune Fisker (RF): The Trios we have had all of the time, but 3shape has changed some of the advanced software features. So, now the Trios is coming in at a very price competitive point.

The Trios 3 Basic has the same hardware, the same scanner performance, the same accuracy, the same AI scan technology, but it doesn’t come with all the patient excitement apps. You’ve also introduced the Trios 4.

RF: The Trios 4 is our new high-end scanner. It’s got a completely re-engineered fourth generation engine. It’s a lot better inside.

It also has a new smart tip concept that allows for much faster heating of the tips so there’s less waiting around. One of the biggest features is it has a smart caries tip to detect surface and interproximal caries. It’s super exciting.

It’s the first intraoral scanner that can do both surface and interproximal caries at the same time. Combining that with all our image modalities, there are now eight dimensions in the software.

The cost of this is set at similar to the old Trios 3 pricing.

The Trios 3 Basic is for people that want to have an easy entry and just want to start scanning. Then there is the Trios 3 for practitioners who want to go beyond scanning by using the patient excitement apps, then there is the 4 to go beyond treatment by scanning for caries. Another thing you’ve launched is the 3shape X1.

RF: Yes, this is the most beautiful CBCT scanner on the market. It’s coming out with some very unique features. It will come out in the UK in the early start of 2020.

There are two things that this CBCT scanner has that is unique. It has a head scanner, normally when a CBCT is working, you take a lot of X-rays and the machine runs the whole way around, whilst the patients’ head remains very still. Here we have a head tracker sitting on top, which allows the patient to move their head quite a bit and still get high resolution images, stitched together.

The other thing it offers is very high quality CBCT scans at a very low dose. It’s a new standard in image quality and patient experience. You’ve also introduced the Move+.

RF: The most important thing about the Move+ is the size of the monitor. It’s 36% larger than the previous Move Classic.

It still has the great ergonomics, you can stand up, move it around, move it around the patient, excite them, move it in front of the patient and sit and talk to them about the treatment etc. You’ve launched a lot of new products this year, it seems like an exciting future ahead. What’s next for 3shape?

RF: We have a lot of dreams at 3shape, there’s many more things to be doing. From improving existing products to bringing out new innovations.

There will always be new innovations coming from 3shape, it’s part of our DNA.

To find out more about 3shape and its new product launches, visit stand D4 at the Digital Dentistry Show North in Manchester.

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