Case study – the diary of an experienced dentist

Colin Campbell explains how it’s possible to jump into implant dentistry, despite not being in any form of dental training for a while.

On my travels through implant dentistry I meet many people interested in starting out on their journey, from newly qualified young practitioners to practice owners, but also experienced associates who have reached a level of competency within their day-to-day dentistry and who now wish to acquire more skills.

Many of these practitioners already have extraordinarily high levels of skills in restorative dentistry particularly and are looking to provide implants for their own patients who they are currently referring out of their own practice.

Jumping into implant dentistry

The question is often how to start jumping into implant dentistry when it’s been a long time since they were at dental school doing surgery under supervision.

We feel at The Campbell Academy that we have the answer to this and that we have a structured pathway over approximately three to five years to allow experienced associate dentists and practitioners to move into a situation where they can place 50 implants per year or more in a contented and confident environment.

This involves the selection of the correct implant course and in fact the system that will allow support through the process of learning to be an implant dentist.

We advocate the use of the Straumann system due to the extraordinary support that the company gives to people starting out in implant dentistry and how that can move forwards.

To do courses that are in a structured pyramid from straightforward to advanced and complex is essential, together with being able to speak to trusted educators and mentors who can assess individual skill levels and suggest improvements in areas to develop to move towards being the implant dentist that people seek to be.

Both sides of implant dentistry

Training in implant dentistry and acquiring the skills to introduce this into practising life is not only clinical but also administrative.

Individuals must understand the importance of the commercial side of dentistry including marketing and patient acquisition in an ethical and honest way, together with the surgical skills and restorative skills required to both assess and carry out high level implant dentistry.

At The Campbell Academy we attempt to provide all aspects of this as a rounded experience for individuals together with the ability to discuss with previous delegates and current delegates how things are going and progressing and to share experiences and concerns.

Many people are concerned regarding the acquisition of surgical skills but with some direction, even for a person with little surgical experience, it is possible to explain and guide someone to improve their surgical skills over time, as long as their attitude is correct.

Individuals who have been on previous implant courses can also refresh their skills and knowledge and push forwards into a place of greater satisfaction within a mentored situation where they can now do more and more implant cases, both straightforward and advanced leading to complex in the long term.

We have a list of courses for individuals at all levels – for those wishing the begin implant dentistry only from the restorative side to those keen to start on the surgical aspects of implant dentistry – and we’re always happy to discuss with individuals what their requirements might be.

For more information visit, call 0115 9823 919 or email [email protected].

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