Join the #ColgateTalks Econference 2019 – oral care reinvented

Colgate introduces its Econference for 2019 – oral care reinvented.

The persistent high prevalence of oral diseases clearly demonstrates the need for more effective approaches to routine oral care by patients.

A whole mouth health approach could help you and your patients take prevention in oral health to the next level.

Colgate is cordially inviting you to attend the 2019 #ColgateTalks Econference to learn how a more effective everyday prevention of oral diseases can be achieved by the adoption of a whole mouth health approach and how recent advances in oral care product development can support this.

A panel of distinguished experts from across Europe will be addressing the following questions:

  • How is our understanding of oral health evolving and why is a next generation of prevention needed?
  • What is Whole Mouth Health and why does it represent an achievable holistic standard of everyday prevention for your patients?
  • Why should daily oral care routines go beyond mechanical plaque removal on teeth, and aim for modern biofilm control throughout the whole mouth?
  • How can advances in oral care product development help patients achieve and maintain whole mouth health?
  • How does whole mouth health support patient-centered dentistry and patient coaching in your practice?

The Econference is taking place on Wednesday, 27 March, 6-9 pm.

Registration and attendance is free of charge.

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Session one: Why reinvent oral care?

  • How is our understanding of oral health evolving?
  • Developing the next generation of oral care for proactive protection.

Session two: How to deliver whole mouth health

  • Why are we still fighting the ‘biofilm battle’?
  • Effective biofilm control and beyond.

Roundtable discussion


  • Professor Egija Zaura, oral ecology research, Netherlands
  • Professor Paul Brocklehurst, health services research, UK
  • Sergio Leite, director global oral care product development, Colgate-Palmolive
  • Dr Alex Mira, oral microbiome research, Spain
  • Dr Tilo Poth, R&D, Colgate-Palmolive
  • Dr Barbara Egger, R&D, Colgate-Palmolive.

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