Ivoclar Vivadent launches augmented reality app

Ivoclar Vivadent has launched a new app for patient consultations, Ivosmile has been designed to provide patients with a live smile-makeover visual.

Using AI (augmented reality) software, dental professionals will be able to show their patients how they could look with aesthetic dental treatment, during their very first appointment.

The Ivosmile app will allow patients to have a real-time visual of the smile they could soon have with their chosen treatment.

It works by overlaying a set of improved teeth onto the patient’s virtual-view smile, which is projected onto a handheld tablet and allows the user to tweak various options such as tooth shape and colour (based on Ivoclar Vivadent’s range of moulds and shades).

The visualiser also includes a bleaching option to simulate bleached natural teeth, therefore it can also be used as a handy tool to advise patients on their ideal degree of whiteness.

Inspiring changes

All of the options and changes are live to the patient so they can select a smile which suits them the most.

Virtual images and videos should help patients gain a clearer picture of their treatment goal and this visual may make it easier to decide whether or not to commit themselves to the process of detailed cosmetic treatment planning.

By looking into a ‘virtual mirror’ at their before-and-after smile and seeing what they would look like with the prospective aesthetic restoration in place, patients may feel more inspired to consider a smile makeover for themselves – with no time-consuming, costly photographs or mock-ups involved.

If you would like more information and to be notified when this app is available in the UK & Ireland, please sign up here: www.ivoclarvivadent.co.uk/en-uk/specials/ivosmile.

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