The fast, easy and free way to manage your NHS claims

Richard Craig explains how the NHS Claims Management system from Dentalplus can help you to submit your claims online.

As dental professionals, we all know that keeping on top of new regulations is an ever-present challenge. This year from 1 May, FP17 and FP17O submissions for new courses of treatment must be completed electronically. The stand-alone NHS Claims Management system from Dentalplus is an easy way to submit your claims online.

How does it work?

We have designed this free system with busy dental practices in mind; everything has been made to work simply and efficiently.

You simply enter each patient’s details, then add the relevant information – just as you would on the old paper FP17 and FP17O forms.

Replies come back to you and are automatically matched to the original claims. You’re in control at every step and can monitor your submissions and responses whenever you want to.

When you’re deciding on what’s right for your practice, it is useful to know how the Dentalplus Claims Management system differs from NHS Compass, which also manages digital claims.

Unlike Compass, which requires multiple user accounts or dentist-only access, the Dentalplus service has a single login, so that all relevant team members are able to use it.

Another advantage is that the system checks for exemptions. It won’t, for example, allow someone to accidentally tick ‘under 18’ when submitting a claim for an adult.

Dentalplus Claims Management system also checks automatically for any further treatment based on past claims. If a mistake is made, it is easy to correct.

Dentalplus is also superior to Compass when it comes to UDA count tracking. You’ll find lots of user-friendly tools and graphs to help you stay on top of your numbers.

Don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy

New technology brings so many benefits, but if you’re concerned how to use it – don’t be.

Customer service is a top priority, so if you encounter any problems, the expert support team can smooth the way and help you resend any claims if necessary.

Opting for Claims Management from Dentalplus also future-proofs your practice against any further legal requirements to go fully digital.

Since your patient data is already being stored, you can turn on more functionality as you need it. NHS Claims Management is part of a range of trusted Dentalplus software that offers a variety of dental practice management tools from Admor.

If computers aren’t your thing – don’t worry. Whatever the technical set-up is in your practice, Dentalplus will be compatible with it. It works with both PC and Mac, via desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Claims Management from Dentalplus is free and simple for you and your staff to use. You just need to be registered for EDI and if you aren’t already, there is a one-off fee of just £30 + VAT.

For more information, visit to view the demonstration site and get started for free.

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