What do you know about IAS Academy?

Would you like to be supported through every stage of anterior alignment orthodontics (AAO), IAS Academy asks.

In order to provide safe and effective treatment to your patients, you need the right tools, knowledge and support. IAS Academy is a global community of world-renowned teachers and colleagues who have a common goal to empower general dentists to confidently treat their patients with the best ethical treatment options available. Everything the Academy teaches is academically underpinned by science and research under the guidance of specialist orthodontist, Dr Ross Hobson (former professor of orthodontics at UCLan). It takes a combination of products, clinical mentors and technical support before you can confidently and competently treat patients.

IAS Academy is already renowned for its comprehensive training courses and appliances, which cover removable systems including the Inman Aligner, clear aligners and fixed bracket systems. All training is overseen and presented by specialist orthodontists or highly experienced AAO clinicians. The guided learning pathway means that there is an appropriate entry point for dentists of all levels.

IAS Academy is not just a training provider. It also offers on-going support to GDPs through the dedicated online support forums. Here, professionals can upload their case photos to seek guidance from the experts or learn from their peers in order to avoid mistakes and encourage safe, ethical and effective treatment of every single patient. This level of mentorship facilitates rapid yet practical and supervised skill development for all GDPs involved. It enables clinicians to progress the difficulty of cases they approach in a measured way, ensuring they always operate within their competency and have access to support when challenging themselves.

Dedicated Orthodontic Laboratory

This is not all that IAS Academy offers – did you know it also runs its own dedicated Orthodontic Laboratory, located in Surrey, UK? It is here that all the appliances taught on the Academy’s courses are manufactured, utilising the extensive skill of technicians who are highly experienced in these specific systems. The laboratory uses cutting-edge 3D dental technology to produce products of the highest quality and accuracy. The team also utilises tried and tested traditional techniques to manufacture other products such as special trays, retainers and bleaching trays to provide the very best results.

Just like the clinical team of IAS trainers and mentors, all dental technicians in the Orthodontic Laboratory are GDC registered, fully trained and totally committed to quality assurance. Their meticulous attention to detail means you can have complete confidence in the products you order, in turn encouraging successful treatment and patient satisfaction every time.

Dr Maria Kocisova commented: ‘I am extremely happy with the IAS laboratory. Their work always fits perfectly and arrives on time. Five-star service, strongly recommended.’

If you are interested in advancing your orthodontic capabilities, discover what IAS Academy can offer you.

If you haven’t already, why not start your career in AAO today? Contact us on the details below.

For more information on upcoming IAS Academy training courses, please visit www.iasortho.com or call 01932 336470 (Press 1).

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