Convert more of your marketing leads to patients

DenGro explains how it’s fast becoming the preferred way for practices to automate their lead management and increase conversion

Award-winning and based in Bath, the team behind DenGro is developing a strong reputation for influencing the growth and efficiency of dental practices across the country.

This new company offers a specialist product for practices to assist the collecting, tracking and converting of digital and offline leads in the most effective way. It works out-of-the-box, with virtually no setup – you can start capturing and converting more leads from day-one.

The product works alongside the practice’s existing patient management software and is the brain-child of the three founders: Cam Brewer, Ali Meredith and Russ Back.

The trio have been working with dental brands, corporate groups and independent practices for more than 10 years, coming to understand their internal processes, their marketing campaigns and their new patient experiences, so founding DenGro was a natural progression.

Two things have been highlighted as common problems to many practices. The first is the growing pressure on the front-of-house team. The role has changed from the happy meet-and-greeter, to happy meet-and-greeter, salesperson, brand ambassador, treatment coordinator and all-round fixer, all rolled into one. To deliver excellence, practices either need to increase the size of their front-of-house teams, or improve their internal processes in order to keep up – and that is where DenGro comes in.

The second, quite simply, is a lack of visibility and availability of practice performance data that principals and managers require to direct the success of the business.

So what is DenGro?

DenGro is one of those high-tech products that is specifically designed to improve practice processes, grow your patient base, increase productivity and, ultimately, practice profit.

It provides the front-of-house team with a simple, smart and efficient way to manage new patient enquiries, removing the need for post-it notes attacking a computer screen or multiple lead tracker spreadsheets.

Cam explained: ‘We recognised that practices were struggling to cope, and that valuable treatment leads were getting lost or forgotten, wasting opportunity and potential revenue.

‘We also saw that principals and managers struggled to easily identify which marketing efforts translated to new patients. There needed to be a simpler, more efficient and effective way of working that would benefit everyone in the practice.’

DenGro helps to collect, track, nurture and convert people interested in having treatment at your practice. Leads, prospects, new enquiries, potential patients – we use many different terms to define this audience.

Essentially it is anyone who raises their hand to say: ‘I’d like to know more about what you can offer as a practice.’

DenGro is particularly useful for practices offering high-value cosmetic treatments, where tracking and supporting conversion has a significant impact to the bottom line. Equally, DenGro supports practices who are just starting their marketing journey too, hand-holding them through the conversion process to increase their private treatment base.

With that in mind, its position in the patient journey is very much at the start, nurturing initial interest and converting to paying patients.

Online leads from marketing campaigns feed directly into DenGro too, so leads from all activities are in one place. DenGro then shows exactly who has enquired and what they have said.

From a marketing performance point of view, this is vital – helping the business manager to assess which marketing channels are working and which need an extra nudge.

How does DenGro nurture a lead?

For front-of-house teams, DenGro provides a really simple, efficient way to keep-track-of and follow-up leads interested in treatment.

There’s no searching through the overflowing practice inbox, or sifting through any social media accounts – DenGro automatically and instantly pulls new leads into a central online dashboard, ready for the practice to login to and act on.

There are smart follow-up reminders and a series of pre-written automated email and SMS messages that go out to a lead as soon as they submit their details, creating a great first impression of your practice. In a market where competition is fierce, you need to be doing everything you can to present well to your clients.

For managers and principals, it’s about providing transparency and giving them instant access to the numbers that will help direct the success of the practice.

The number of new leads; the marketing campaigns they come from; how many calls have been made; how many appointments booked and, most importantly of all, how many leads have actually turned into paying patients. DenGro can report on the entire new patient journey from start to finish and that’s unique to the product.

Living with DenGro

Practices have likened it to having their own PA: helping them through the day, providing key information to the team when they need it most, as well as keeping a record of contacts, and some other time-saving tools too.

For practice principals who want to grow their practice and invest money in marketing, they naturally want to understand their return. More than that though, they want peace of mind, knowing that every new patient enquiry is being dealt with as efficiently as possible and that they are making the most of all the opportunities.

As many practices make the transition to be more business-focused and the roles within the practice evolve, so do the processes used to manage it.

Spreadsheets, post-it notes, and diaries are all examples of the ways in which practices manage leads interested in treatment; but with a growing practice comes an increasing volume of enquiries and these methods soon become not only unmanageable, but business critical.

DenGro currently has over 300 UK practices on board, including the Invisalign MiSmile Network and Portman Dental Care, supporting their growth in an organised, easy manner.

If you’re spending money on marketing; if you’re looking to grow your patient base; if you’re a manager with a principal who likes to know their numbers at the drop of a hat or if you have a team who could do with an extra pair of hands, then we’d definitely recommend DenGro.

DenGro offers a free 14-day trial, allowing you to assess it without commitment.

To find out more about DenGro, request a short webinar or sign up to use it free for 14 days, visit


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