Immediate loading is here! Free conference in Leeds, Aberdeen and Edinburgh

Right from the implant planning, the digital workflow based on the 3D scan of the patient allows for predictable, safe and 100% individual restorations

We all have to admit it: for high-quality, modern dental restorations, digital has become the norm.

Protocols and workflows have evolved, hinged on new technologies that consider full digital patient analysis and predictability as core concepts. The fast advancements in the digital sector impose changes also within dental practices and laboratories.

Zirkonzahn (South Tyrol, Italy), manufacturer and innovation driver for the dental sector, will come to Leeds, Aberdeen and Edinburgh from 19 to 21 February 2019 with a lecture tour for dentists and dental technicians. The lectures aim to help participants evaluate the digital approach to everyday work by exploring the benefits of a flawless digital workflow with practical insights.

The lectures, held by DT Sean Wilkinson, CAD/CAM expert and worldwide instructor at Zirkonzahn, will cover the most emerging topics in dentistry, such as the advantages of incorporating the digital patient analysis, the digital axiograph and 3D facial scans as diagnostic tools for obtaining more accurate results for the final solution. A comparison between modern immediate loading protocols and conventional implant placement techniques will also be provided.

Step into digital dentistry with Zirkonzahn, we know the way!

Participation is free, but registration is obligatory. Enrol now, places are limited!

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