Promoting oral health care in Haiti

Henry Schein and the International College of Dentists have partnered with Fleur de Vie to promote oral health care to grammar school students in Haiti  

Henry Schein and the International College of Dentists’ (ICD) Global Visionary Fund (GVF) have joined together to support the oral health of children.

Products were donated to the Fleur de Vie’s health awareness and education initiative during their back to school programme.

From September to December 2018,  more than 400 grammar school age children attended a one-day programme and took part in health education, physical fitness, and recreational activities.

During the day, the pupils received school suppliers for the year as well as new tooth brushes and tooth paste.

The children also received oral health screenings and education on how to properly use their new tooth brushes and how to floss.

This oral care promotion is an ongoing project that will continue in 2019.

‘Every child deserves not only the opportunity to return to school confident in the knowledge that they have the tools to succeed, but also the best health care possible.

‘This Fleur de Vie project not only offers an important help for many families providing students with exactly what they need to meet the challenges of a new school year, but also combines this worthwhile course with oral health prevention and education initiatives that are so crucial for the student’s total health,’ said Jennifer Kim Field, vice president, corporate social responsibility at Henry Schein. ‘

‘We are very happy to be able to support this initiative in cooperation with the ICD.’

Fleur De Vie, which means Flower of Life,  is a not for profit organisation based in New York that works with and supports initiatives to implement social change in communities in need around the world. )

Henry Schein’s product donation is an initiative of Henry Schein Cares, the company’s global corporate social responsibility programme.

Health care activities supported by Henry Schein Cares focus on three main areas: advancing wellness, building capacity in the delivery of health care services, and assisting in emergency preparedness and relief.

The support for Fleur de Vie is part of Henry Schein Cares’ long-term partnership with the ICD Global Visionary Fund.



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