Long-lasting fresh breath on the go

Listerine Go! Tabs – for long-lasting fresh breath on the go

Johnson & Johnson have launched their revolutionary new Listerine Go! Tabs to dental health care professionals, ahead of the launch to consumers in the UK.

The chewable tabs offer an innovative way to get the whole mouth feeling clean and fresh anytime, anywhere, as a handy addition to – not a replacement for – twice-daily mechanical cleaning at home.

Ninety per cent of halitosis is a result of the production of volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs) by oral bacteria (Allaker et al 2008).

Tackling this problem, when chewed, for example after a meal, at social gatherings, before a meeting or after a coffee, they transform from solid to liquid in seconds, neutralising odours for long-lasting fresh breath.

Johnson & Johnson, the maker of Listerine is committed to supporting dental health care professionals in their efforts to improve patients’ oral health. For further information, visit www.listerineprofessional.co.uk.


Allaker RP et al. Arch Oral Biol. 2008;53(suppl 1): S8-S12

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