Case of the month – pre-implant assessment

Basic report for pathology only

CBCT scanner: Kavo OP 3D Vision V17
CBCT imaging protocol: 16cm diameter x 10cm height
Effective dose: 0.1 mSv
Clinical information: assessment of both jaws prior to implant planning.

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Paranasal sinuses: mild mucosal thickening with air bubble appearance in the left sinus
Nasal cavities: no abnormalities detected
Airway: no abnormalities detected
Osseous structures: no abnormalities detected.

Dental findings

Maxilla and mandible: presence of multiple residual root tips throughout the maxilla and mandible. UL3 is impacted in a high position with features of ankylosis and no associated pathology noted. Surgical plates and screws consistent with the history of trauma or orthognathic surgery.

Impressions and recommendations

The pertygomandibular ligament is calcified, surgical intervention is needed in presence of limited opening of the mandible.

Mild mucositis in the left sinus, no further evaluation needed. Carotid artery calcification: physical referral is suggested.

Calcified pertygomandibular ligament
Maxillary sinuses
Carotid artery calcification

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