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Dentistry.co.uk caught up with Amish Raichura to find out how uninitiated dentists might begin to emulate his success in implant dentistry

What motivated you to get started in implant dentistry?

I was interested in dental implants from early on in my career. I saw that it was an important treatment modality, as it was a conservative, aesthetic and predictable option to replace a missing tooth. Because of that, I knew I wanted to be able to provide my patients with implants. I started with one-day courses that introduced the placement and restoration of implants.

What role does education play in expanding treatment opportunities?

Fortunately, in our profession, there is a great emphasis on continuing education. This is essential, as dentistry is dynamic and changes at a fast pace. If we do not continue to develop the techniques, materials and protocols we use, they can rapidly become inadequate. Education also helps to develop a support network of like-minded individuals with similar goals in gaining competencies and knowledge. It provides a change to what can otherwise become a repetitive working routine, offers new challenges, and adds variety not only to your working life but also that of your team.

What are your thoughts on mentoring?

I think mentoring has been the single biggest factor in my development as an implant dentist. The opportunity to ask questions was invaluable and seeing procedures performed by mentors helped to bring together the theoretical techniques I had learned on courses. I feel that a hands-on approach to learning is the only way to gain full competence. 

Why is your course a good place to begin an implant dentistry career?

I have worked with Biohorizons to structure a programme that brings together all the elements that I wanted from an introductory course. It teaches the fundamentals of the entire treatment pathway, from patient consultation and preparing the practice to delivery of the final restoration and maintenance. It is pitched at beginners and focuses on aspects of the process that can quickly be implemented in general practice, such as patient consultation, impression taking and fitting of the superstructure.

I believe an ability to follow up on what has been learned is crucial to the development process. I therefore provide delegates with the opportunity to bring cases to the practices where I perform dental implants and shadow me during the surgical placement of the implant fixture. What’s more, if delegates have a suitable patient, requiring one or more dental implants, there is no fee for this opportunity to observe the surgical placement.

We follow up the session by reflecting on the surgical procedure and having one-to-one questions and answers. 

What do you think the future holds for implant dentistry?

From a clinical perspective, I believe that there is a focus on suitable patient selection and on appropriate planning of other oral factors such as occlusal harmony, aesthetics and periodontal stability. This enables long-term predictability.

From a wider perspective, I believe that the placement of dental implants is becoming more accessible to general dentists. But, of course, it is important that dentists have appropriate training to ensure that they are practising implant dentistry in a safe and predictable way. Fortunately, there are now multiple programmes of study that can fulfil this need.

If it is something that you are interested in, it is important to set goals for your development, to find suitable courses and extended programmes of study, and, of course, to consider mentoring. With a disciplined approach, you could soon add implant dentistry to your palette of skills.

Join the implant revolution

Presented by Amish, ‘Getting started in implant dentistry’ is a one-day foundation level course designed for dentists who want to develop fundamental skills in implant dentistry. The course will offer interactive lectures and hands-on workshops. Taking place in London, forthcoming course dates are:

  Saturday 2 February 2019 Saturday 2 March 2019.

Saturday 2 March 2019.

For further details, visit www.theimplanthub.com/events

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