Embrace the occlusion evolution

Denar articulators, available exclusively in the UK from Prestige Dental, are engineered for exceptional performance and tested thoroughly utilising proven methodology.

They bring a new level of interchangeability to the articulator market and offer a range of features to suit the needs of any practice and laboratory.

Consider, for example, the 300 Series, next-generation articulators with factory-set accuracy to within 20 microns.

Each model offers the following attributes:

  • A three-point magnetic mounting system to ensure stability and improve accuracy
  • Tilts back at a 45° angle, facilitating a hands-free view of the cast
  • A built-in support pin, allowing the upper member to stand completely open while the articulator is sitting flat
  • A positive centric latch that allows upper and lower members to be separated or locked together
  • Unobstructed lingual access.

General dentist and chair of the British Society for Occlusal Studies (BSOS), Alison O’Donnell, uses the Denar 300 Series in her practice.

She commented: ‘you need a precision instrument that is easy to set to your patient, that is robust enough to pass to and fro between the lab and yourself, and that reproduces how the teeth and jaws work and move.

‘Denar is an excellent choice.

‘My technicians and I are very happy with the results we can achieve working together.’

Lunch and learn at your practice

Occlusion product specialist, Jennifer Ball can visit your practice to deliver a ‘lunch and learn’.

She can show you how easy the system is to use.

Please call 01274 721567 / 07341 127608.

Visit www.prestige-dental.co.uk for more details.

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