Make caries detection and removal easier

The Fluoresce HD Dual Wavelength Coupling makes caries detection and removal easier and minimises the risk of removing healthy tooth structure.  

Precision is key when it comes to excavating caries.

However, improvements in restorative materials mean that it’s often difficult to see the margin between healthy tooth structure and common restorative materials.

Fluoresce HD Dual Wavelength Coupling helps to counteract this.

During caries removal, the UV light causes porphyrins inside caries to fluoresce orange/red (and healthy tooth light green).

The UV light also causes restorative materials such as resins, cements etc to appear a different colour.

Since you can see everything as you’re working, caries removal comes ‘paint by numbers’ simple – only remove what needs to be removed, leaving healthy structure intact.

This two-in-one handpiece coupling is compatible with Kavo Multiflex turbines and is similar in price to a standard LED coupling.

As well as performing the standard functions of an LED coupling, you also get a device that detects caries.

The user needs to wear a yellow filter to see the caries.

These are available as yellow tint glasses or as a yellow tint loupe insert if the operator prefers to use loupes.

The glasses are provided free with the coupling and a small charge is made for the loupe insert.

Fluoresce HD is distributed exclusively through Dental Sky.

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