Discover a metal-free alternative for removable partial dentures

Learn about Ultaire AKP in the comfort and convenience of one’s own dental practice at a Lunch and Learn delivered by Solvay Dental 360.

Dental professionals can explore this new generation material and see how they and their patients can benefit from a custom-developed, cutting-edge, metal-free option for the fabrication of removable partial dentures.

A high performance polymer

Ultaire AKP is a high performance polymer that is lightweight, comfortable, metal-free and taste-free.  RPD frames created from Ultaire AKP provide strong, stable retention and special ‘snap in fit’ clasps offer exceptional aesthetic outcomes.

Make contact with Solvay Dental 360 and book a professional Lunch and Learn session at the practice now.

For more information about Solvay Dental 360, Ultaire AKP and Dentivera milling discs, please visit

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