How I transformed my practice’s brand

Michelle Hardy speaks to principal dentist, Mark Hill, about rebranding his practice and how his patients reacted.

Relocating a business is often a good time to introduce changes that may not have been possible in your previous premises. For Mark Hill, relocating his Cardiff practice offered the opportunity to transform his branding. I spoke to Mark to find out more about the rebranding process.

Michelle Hardy: You changed name and location, why did you want to change your branding as well?

Mark Hill: We felt that we needed a fresh start and it was a good opportunity to reinforce what our brand stands for. The old marketing image was getting a little dated, we wanted a fresh image to take us into the next 17 years.

It had been such a huge decision to relocate the practice and we wanted to try and keep all the loyalty and reputation we had built. We had worked very hard to create a new practice that was going to look amazing, so we wanted a new brand image that would be in keeping with that.

Michelle: You worked with Practice Plan’s design team to develop your new corporate identity, how was that experience?

Mark: Les Jones, your creative director, has helped us enormously over the years and has got to know me very well. So, we got together and outlined the dream I have for the new practice and how I wanted it to look. From there, he helped us to create a new logo and branding.

The design team were very effective in generating the main logo, font and colour scheme. Using a design team that has known our practice for many years made it so much more productive and successful than going to a new marketing company.

Michelle: What are your thoughts on the final design?

Mark: I absolutely love it and I think it successfully re

presents the image we want to portray. It fits very well alongside the practice’s building and physical image and the colours are also a great success.

Michelle: How have your patients taken to the new branding?

Mark: The existing patients have been overwhelmed. However, it is not until something like this happens that you get to see the depth of the loyalty you build in your patients. So many have said things like: ‘Well done, you deserve it, I’m so pleased for you!’ which has been very touching.

We are starting to see new patients, and it’s clear when they arrive that the branding, practice environment and team are working to give them all the messages we want.

Michelle: How important do you think branding is in the future development of your practice?

Mark: Branding is very important – it is the first impression someone has of your business. It helps makes future clients ‘feel’ positively towards the practice.

Logos, colours, etc are not going to make us successful, but they are an important reminder and representation of the brand our practice hopes to create. The brand is us, but we can now build up the practice with the support of a wonderful new image – inside and out!

Practice Plan is a specialist provider of practice-branded patient membership plans, and has helped hundreds of dentists make a successful move to private dentistry. If you’re looking for more independence or freedom from the NHS and a more fulfilling and rewarding future, call 01691 684165 or visit

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