Renting offers a cost-effective way to ensure peace of mind

Being able to trust your equipment is crucial for dental hygienists and therapists. Here Amy Jackson discusses the many benefits of renting the latest equipment from a trusted supplier to give you true peace of mind.

By the very nature of their work, dental hygienists and therapists need to have a well-developed ability to cope with anxious patients. Many patients are apprehensive about dental treatment, so hygienists need to be calm and reassuring to put them at their ease. But amongst all this patient angst, what is helping hygienists keep their own blood pressure down?

A major factor in ensuring that hygienists remain calm and deliver the best treatment is to use the best-suited equipment for the job. But this can come at a price. Technology moves forward very quickly and equipment is constantly superseded by improved versions, which can present a costly dilemma for those wishing to stay up-to-date.

Thankfully there is an answer, and that is to choose one of the range of rental options that are available from manufacturers such as Dentsply Sirona.

Budgeted monthly payments

No upfront lump sum investment is required. Rental payments can be split into 12 manageable monthly amounts, which fit more easily into a business’s cash flow. Renting makes the latest tools more accessible to self-employed hygienists, who often work peripatetically. No more making do with the varying quality of instruments available at each practice, and therefore no compromise.

Fully covered and upgradeable

Rental agreements include support in the form of guarantees, warranties and access to a maintenance team and customer service. This means that broken or faulty equipment is swiftly fixed or replaced and questions answered by an expert at the end of the phone.

As upgrades are released, many rental options allow for upgrade to a newer model after a certain period, which enables hygienists to keep pace with industry and technology advancements and have the best equipment to hand.

Increased efficiency

The latest, best-quality equipment introduces efficiencies into the practice by enabling more effective and accurate treatment to patients, improving outcomes and reducing chair time.

And as hygienists are at the frontline of building relationships with patients and are often the most regular clinical point of contact in the practice, their efficiency will increase patient loyalty and retention and encourage word-of-mouth recommendation. All of which makes excellent business sense.

Cavitron rental

Dentsply Sirona offers a choice of rental options on Cavitron ultrasonic scalers. The Cavitron Touch for instance is an ultrasonic scaling system that delivers extreme precision with an advanced software system. This finely tuned and efficient system produces less heat, makes less noise and requires less water than other systems, making it much more comfortable for the patient.

Renting a Cavitron Touch puts cutting-edge technology and precision instruments in the hands of hygienists and therapists, enabling them to carry out their work accurately and effectively, resulting in a marked increase in comfort for both patient and hygienist, and more successful outcomes.

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