Biomin toothpaste with a heart of glass

Chris Branfield explains how Biomin toothpaste applies fluoride over a prolonged period of time.

Bio-glass tooth strengthening

A while ago I was asked to do a TV advert for Sensodyne. I liked its ‘Repair and Protect’ toothpaste because it contains a bio-glass that sticks to surface like a protective layer and helps stop tooth sensitivity. However, there is now a new toothpaste containing an even more beneficial bio-glass called Biomin.

Traditionally, to try and strengthen teeth and protect against decay with a toothpaste, fluoride is used in quite high concentrations. Most adult toothpastes have 1,450 parts per million (ppm) and one that has to be prescribed contains 5,000ppm. That’s a lot of fluoride! This is soluble fluoride so it washes away quite quickly and has to be used correctly and not swallowed.

Research shows that you benefit more from low doses of fluoride with a sustained release than from a high dose that washes away. It is not the amount of fluoride that counts but the length of time it is in contact with the teeth.

That’s where the Biomin F comes in. A low dose of fluoride released steadily over 12 hours. It also releases calcium and phosphate in just the right proportions that are needed for optimal tooth repair. By using Biomin F, tooth repair after acid attack is stronger and more resistant. The presence of sustained release fluoride makes an abundance of tighter fluorapatite crystals that are far more resistant to acid attack than natural hydroxyapatite.

The graph shows how the therapeutic effectiveness of soluble fluoride within ordinary toothpastes dissipates quickly as opposed to Biomin F, which sustains an optimum level of fluoride for up to 12 hours.

For patients not wanting fluoride, there’s a non-fluoride option that slowly releases optimum proportions of calcium and phosphate called Biomin C.

Biomin is a technology developed by scientists at Queen Mary University London and Imperial College, London, for over the past decade. There’s lots of science and justification on Biomin is for all ages giving children massive protection from drinks and sugary eats.

More economical

Prior to Biomin, you could get an extra source of calcium and phosphate with a product called Tooth Mousse and then use it with a high concentration fluoride toothpaste as well. This is in more extreme cases like excessive acid erosion or dry mouth syndrome. This all starts to get a bit pricey, (the tooth mousse is particularly expensive) so a single toothpaste that gives the benefit of both sounds really good. Oh, and it’s good for sensitivity as well.

I’m off to Morocco with the charity, Dental Mavericks in October. We’re taking Biomin with us.

For more about Biomin, see

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