Save time with treatment planning

Dentally has now introduced treatment plan templates, providing a way of charting multiple treatments for a patient with just a single click!

With our new templates, users can save considerable time when charting complex and long courses of treatments. Plus, it ensures consistency within the practice as everyone will follow the same procedure for each type of treatment.

So how does it work?

Using a Dentally treatment plan template works in a similar way to charting a treatment, dentists just select the predefined template they wish to use from the sidebar and then click on it to create a new treatment plan. Another feature of this new product development is that if any of the treatments within the template are tooth specific then Dentally will prompt you to select the teeth you want.

Dentally is committed to developing and innovating new ways of making dental practice software simple and easy to use, so our latest product development yet again saves practitioners time when planning a course of treatment for a patient.

If you are already working on an existing treatment plan, you can apply the templates to the planned care for the patient. This means that if additional work is needed, the new plan is simply added on.

Like the treatment list in Dentally, the list of treatment plan templates can be searched and favourited. Users can create templates and categorise them by treatment type – saving you valuable time when treating a patient.

If you are looking for practice management software that provides you with new ways to save time and allows you to focus on your patients – then talk to Dentally today!

Key features of treatment plan templates

  1. Quickly create new treatment plans using templates
  2. Chart multiple treatments with a single click
  3. Apply to existing treatment plans
  4. Ensures consistency throughout the practice as everyone will follow the same procedure
  5. Search and add to your favourites so you can find them easily when you are with a patient
  6. Saves dentists and practitioners valuable time when charting and planning a treatment for a patient.

To find out more about how Dentally can work for you and to arrange you free demo visit or email [email protected].

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