Simplify your patient plan in one easy step…

Patient Plan Direct explains how it can make your payment plan life easier.

The Dalai Lama once famously told us that ‘simplicity is extremely important for happiness’ and, given our increasingly busy lives, we want and need that more than ever before. Over time, myriad inventions have made our lives simpler, from the humble wheel to our inter-connected computers, tablets and mobile phones. And the pursuit of a simpler and therefore happier life continues – for example, on the horizon is the ‘digital wallet’, potentially reducing queuing times. Now that would make things simpler!

To help in the increasingly challenging and fast-paced world of dentistry, Patient Plan Direct offers a low-cost, simple, flexible and practice-branded solution to running patient payment plans. So, simply by not paying your plan provider for frills you don’t need, your practice life can be transformed.

Simple and highly effective

Speaking about this approach to dental plans, Simon Reynolds, commercial director at Patient Plan Direct, commented: ‘Our solution to helping practices to run a successful payment plan is simple yet highly effective, incorporating the support, training and tools your practice needs. Do you really need cocktails at flashy exhibition stands, golf days or trips abroad from your plan provider?

‘After all, we think that the world has enough challenges for us to worry about, without over-complicating anything else. That’s why we’ve ensured our patient plan service is simple and easy, whilst providing the best value.

‘What’s more, each of our regional business development managers have more than 10 years of experience in practice, so you can rest assured you will be in safe hands when it comes to us helping you to reach your plan objectives.’

Meanwhile, if you are worried that switching from your current provider to Patient Plan Direct will be a complicated process, think again. Patient Plan Direct is leading the way in using the new bulk change process, for practices wishing to switch plan administration from one provider to another. This process allows for direct debits to be transferred automatically ‘in the background’ from one provider to another, without patients having to sign a new direct debit instruction, making life simpler and more convenient for everyone involved.

Offering real-world insight into the process, the team at DB Dental had this to say: ‘We have made significant savings by switching to Patient Plan Direct – a process that was simple and successful. The level of service, support and advice has been outstanding.’

To find out more about how you can simplify your working life to the benefit of your team and your patients, please visit

About the ‘bulk change’ process

Before now, switching plan provider usually meant writing to patients to ask them to complete a new direct debit instruction. However, plan providers will now have to use the ‘bulk change’ process if a practice wishes to switch plan provider. Quite simply:

  • A deed is signed by both the practice’s existing and new plan providers, agreeing to switch patients’ direct debits via the process
  • Patients are informed of the changes in advance of the switch taking place but are not required to sign a new direct debit instruction
  • Direct debits are switched between providers ‘in the background’ at an agreed point in time, without any interruption to payment collections.
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