GDP orthodontics – it’s all in the training

The IAS Academy explains what sets its training apart from the rest.

In order for GDPs to provide safe and effective orthodontic treatment, the team at IAS Academy believe they need high quality training. With sufficient knowledge and experience, as well as expert support, GDPs can deliver treatment in simple to moderate cases successfully.

What should training incorporate?

It’s essential that training in anterior alignment orthodontics offers a solid foundation of knowledge in everything from appropriate case selection to proper assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning. It should provide both theoretical and practical sessions and ensure GDPs’ competence before certifying them to offer an appliance.

Beyond the initial training, consistent support is crucial. Having access to more experienced professionals who can guide treatment at each stage of the process can give delegates peace of mind that they are providing safe and effective care.

What sets IAS Academy apart?

The IAS Academy is an organisation run by dentists, for dentists. Its team of instructors and mentors include both specialist orthodontists and highly experienced GDPs who share a passion for safe and ethical treatment. The UK team includes:

  • Professor Ross Hobson (specialist orthodontist)
  • Dr Asif Chatoo (specialist orthodontist)
  • Dr Tif Qureshi
  • Dr Anoop Maini
  • Dr Andy Wallace
  • Dr James Russell
  • Dr Richard Field.

Offering a unique perspective on training in anterior alignment orthodontics, IAS Academy pioneered a learning pathway that ensures every GDP undergoes training at the appropriate level. Overseen by Professor Hobson, training explores the theory and mechanisms behind anterior alignment orthodontics. It also provides practical instruction on appliances, with the experts sharing their extensive knowledge in order to help GDPs deliver safe and effective treatment from the outset. Other courses demonstrate the benefits of combining orthodontic and restorative workflows in order to deliver minimally invasive treatment in a wide range of situations.

Great emphasis is put on the ethical aspects of treatment throughout all courses. IAS Academy ensures dentists can identify those cases beyond their scope so they can refer them to an appropriate specialist for safe treatment.

The IAS courses available include:

  • Clearsmile Inman Aligner Course (day one of ABB course)
  • Clearsmile Inman Aligner Advanced Course
  • Clearsmile Aligner and Clearsmile Aligner Light Course (certification, refresher and observer)
  • Clearsmile Brace Course (certification, refresher and observer)
  • Clearsmile Discreet Brace Course (certification, refresher and observer)
  • IAS Ortho Restorative Course (day two of ABB course)
  • IAS ABB (align, bleach and bond) Course (certification, refresher and observer)
  • IAS Photography and Record Keeping Course
  • IAS Advanced Course.

Ensuring long-term mentorship for ultimate success in GDP orthodontics, IAS Academy offers its dedicated online forums to delegates following each training course. Here, GDPs can ask experts and peers for information and advice, and their initial cases must be posted and assessed by the experts in order to gain full certification with an appliance.

For your chance to move into the GDP orthodontic field, or to advance your existing skills and treat more patients effectively, contact IAS Academy today!

For more information on upcoming IAS Academy training courses, please visit or call 020 8916 2024.

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