Big isn’t always beautiful

Dürr Dental explains why its Vistascan Mini still packs a big punch.

Size isn’t everything, and the compact size of Dürr Dental’s Vistascan Mini image plate scanner belies the power of its performance. This tiny scanner enables the efficient and timesaving digitisation of image plates. Its large touch screen is easy to use, via hand or the stylus provided. Operation is simple and intuitive and the display provides lots of information to support work flow as well as operation.

The Vistascan Mini is also capable of wireless connectivity; its positioning and applications are flexible. The unit can therefore be placed almost anywhere you want it, ie right next to the treatment unit. Naturally, there is also a LAN interface. Its size also makes it portable; should you do a visit to a care home, for example, you can simply take the unit with you.

All intraoral image plate formats can be processed – from size 0 to 4. This compact unit can also work independently of the IT network, so if your system goes down, you can still scan and save X-ray images. The images are temporarily placed in the internal memory, which can later be transferred to the database. You can also send scan jobs to the scanner at any time, from any work station. Simply select the job, scan and job done! The images are automatically transmitted to the requested PC so there’s no need to wait around near the device.

The image quality is superb and it is capable of depicting D1 caries lesions and endodontic instruments down to ISO 06. Picture clarity will arguably aid patient communication as well as ensuring accurate record keeping.

For more information contact Dürr Dental on 01536 647566.

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