How to choose your dental uniform

My Dental Uniform explains how to choose the best uniform for your dental practice.

As a dentist, hygienist or dental nurse you spend the majority of your day working face to face with patients, and your presentation makes a huge impact on the overall impression of the practice. From the moment they walk through the door, your patients are putting their care into your hands and expecting the highest standards in every aspect of treatment delivery, even down to the uniform you wear. A smart appearance will inspire confidence, helping your patients feel relaxed. So the dental uniform you choose to wear is an important choice.

Choosing your dental uniform is just like choosing everyday clothes; you want the best brands, comfortable and hard wearing fabrics and modern, functional design. It needs to look good, feel comfortable and last the rigours of everyday wear. Increasingly dental uniforms are forming part of a surgery’s brand identity, so making the right choice is even more essential. Here’s some advice from My Dental Uniform on how to choose the right dental uniform for you.


If you’re selecting uniforms for your whole surgery, it’s important that the style you choose suits a range of different shapes and sizes. If you’re just buying for yourself, reflecting the existing uniform style of your colleagues will be a factor. Hejco dental uniform, available exclusively from My Dental Uniform in the UK, has developed a range of surgery wear to suit even the most fashion conscious of dental professionals, from free and easy moving scrubs to fitted and professional tabard styles.

Colour is an important consideration; bright colours can feel light, fun and exciting, whereas more muted colours can give an elegant, professional feel.


Clothing plays a big part in the way you feel and when working at the chair side and leaning over patients for prolonged periods of time you want to make sure that you are comfortable in the clothes you are wearing. We’re in a business where we often need to work at speed and under pressure, so it’s important that your uniform fabric is soft and comfortable. Look out for stretch fabrics that will help you move around with ease and keep cool even on hot summer days. If you look and feel good then your patient will feel good too.


Working in a busy dental practice is a constant battle against stains, so it’s understandable that you want to feel assured that your uniform will stand the test of time. High quality dental clothing will not only look professional, well-tailored and stylish, but also provide durability to withstand the rigours of varied and demanding duties. Most dental uniform should last two-three years of regular use. Clothing from high-end uniform manufacturers (such as Hejco) has been known to last for a decade or more.


Dental uniforms are designed to withstand regular washing at high temperatures, so by stocking up on a few key items you’ll have enough uniform to last you the week. The 2013 HTM-01-05 update suggests that ‘uniform…should be washed at the hottest temperature suitable for the fabric’.

Finishing touches

Rather than being generic healthcare uniforms, suppliers such as Hejco design specifically for the dental profession. As a result, their uniforms have small features such as handy pockets, stretch fabrics, key loops and press buttons that set them apart from other manufacturers.


Price is a key factor when choosing your uniform. Generally speaking, paying more will get you a higher quality product that will last for longer. Dickies dental uniforms are ideal for nurses or dentists who are looking for the best possible value. Simon Jersey offers a mid-price range of durable tunics, trousers and scrubs. If you’re looking for the best possible quality and durability, Hejco should be your first choice with its outstanding range of dental wear.

If you need further advice on selecting uniform, or information about the latest products, contact My Dental Uniform on 0800 015 1572 or visit us online at


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