Upgrading your practice’s IT hardware

Is upgrading computers in your practice too expensive? Jazz Panesar explains how Microminder is making it more affordable.

One of the main constraints when considering replacing/purchasing new IT hardware is the budgetary constraint.

Many businesses may not have the liquidity to make a large investment for new and up-to-date IT equipment.

Now, more than ever, it is important to have up-to-date IT that performs efficiently and more importantly is secure with the latest operating system and security applications/services.

Hardware as a service

Speaking with numerous clients Microminder recognised over five years ago that this constraint was a major factor for clients not being able to carry out their IT upgrades.This resulted in the introduction of the Microminder Hardware as a Service (HaaS) solution.

HaaS has grown in popularity amongst Microminder clients across the country. HaaS not only overcomes the initial budgetary constraints, it also includes important features that make it more appealing – these can be summarised below:

  1. Up-to-date IT equipment with no upfront capital outlay
  2. 0% interest
  3. Existing credit facilities can be left intact and there is no requirement for credit checks
  4. Fixed monthly cost for the duration of the contract therefore providing protection against any inflationary increase. This applies to both the hardware and the support costs
  5. Integration of protective services such as online backup and managed security services is more affordable
  6. Free upgrades to the workstations to allow good performance for the duration of the agreement
  7. At the end of the term a new agreement is prepared and upon acceptance, all the existing IT equipment under the HaaS will be replaced with new equipment under the new HaaS
  8. All the equipment that is under the HaaS agreement is maintained by Microminder.

For more information on Microminder visit www.microminder.com, call 020 8799 6883 or email [email protected].

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