UAE tops the table for consuming the most sugar

sugarThe world’s largest consumers of sugar are the United Arab Emirates (UAE), according to the latest figures from Protectivity.

On average every person in UAE consumes 214kg of sugar every year, equivalent to 53,591 teaspoons.

The UK comes 68th on the list, consuming 30kg of sugar per person per year, around 7,616 teaspoons.

The top 10 biggest consumers of sugar include:

  1. United Arab Emirates – 214kg per person, per year
  2. Djibouti – 193kg per person, per year
  3. Belize – 106kg per person, per year
  4. Bahrain – 93kg per person, per year
  5. Mauritania – 87kg per person, per year
  6. Cuba – 68kg per person, per year
  7. Belarus – 62kg per person, per year
  8. Guyana – 60kg per person, per year
  9. Malaysia – 57kg per person, per year
  10. Israel – 56kg per person, per year.

Sugar consumption

High sugar consumption, in UAE led to the introduction of a sugary drinks and cigarettes tax last year.

More than 19% of the UAE population aged between 20 and 79 have type 2 diabetes, according to (2017).

Protectivity has put together these figures together to establish what countries consume the most sugar and have built an interactive map to see where each country ranks. 

References retrieved 16/7/18

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