Time to rearrange your priorities?

Rodericks Dental explains what it can do for you if you’re looking to sell your practice.

Are you comfortably settling into 2018, or are you dreaming of something new?

We all know that running a dental practice can be stressful and that the growing pressures placed on the administration and compliance side can lead some dentists to decide enough is enough.

With more than 75 state-of-the-art practices across England and Wales, Rodericks is proud to be a group built by dentists for dentists. We look to find people and practices that share our ethos for patient care, development of staff members, and growth of practices.

Whether you want to sell outright or remain in a partnership, the decision you make needs to be the right one for you and for your team. Rodericks is dedicated to delivering excellent patient care, and offer a variety of CPD and learning opportunities for all our team members. As we continue to grow, we constantly look to promote staff internally, and the continuous development of new opportunities means employees really can achieve their career goals within the dental group.

Only with complete peace of mind that your staff and patients will be left in safe hands, can you relax and enjoy the next phase of your life.

Furthermore, we are highly experienced in the legal proceedings involved in selling your practice and will always work meticulously to make the transition as smooth as possible. Here to help with any queries no matter how big or small, our acquisitions coordinator and integrations manager will be your direct point of contact during the sale. Post completion, our field based managers and central support team are on hand whenever you need them, allowing your team to continue their normal working environment.

If you are considering selling your dental practice, discover what Rodericks Dental can do for you.

Don’t just take Rodericks’ word for it

‘Initially, I was quite apprehensive about what it would mean when Rodericks acquired the practice – I expected a lot of changes and was concerned that patients and members of staff would go elsewhere. Thankfully, this did not happen. Our whole team has remained together and I still see the same patients I have seen for the past 19 years. With regards to Rodericks, the group has done everything for me. The various head office teams have provided nothing but support for my team and I: they’ve been amazing. I am also confident that there will be opportunities for further career progression in the future, when I’m ready.’ – Sarah Phipps is practice manager of Rodericks Dental’s Castle Care Dental Practice.

‘We found Rodericks to be very straightforward and friendly, so we were happy to move forwards with them. We had spoken to other corporates in the past, but did not get the same feel that we did with Rodericks – who we related to much better. It was also good to know that Rodericks was willing to invest in our staff through its opportunities for training and education, helping them to develop their skills. One of the biggest worries when selling a practice is how to look after the team, so knowing that they would have these opportunities to advance their careers was of huge value.’ – Dr Simon Harrison and Dr Will Hanks sellers of Kyrle Street Dental Practice.

‘We feel the professional acquisitions team at Rodericks Dental have sensitively managed the change of ownership process. I have been able to maintain my clinical hours with no disturbance to the care of my patients, but now like every other associate, I go home with a clear head knowing the worries of the business are not my responsibility.’ – Phil Loughnane BDS Manc 1993 DPDS Brist 1998 (Chipping Manor Dental Practices).

For more information, please visit www.sellmypractice.co.uk, email [email protected] or call in confidence on 01604 602491 (option five).

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